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Friday Favourites | 19/09/14

I was bored so I thought what better to do then blog. Then I was thinking what to blog about? And then I realise I had bought some products over the past couple of weeks that I’ve really, really loved and so why not share them! So here it is, my Friday Favourites (who knows if this is a regular thing but here goes).

There’s four products I’ve been using recently that I really, really like. They vary from drugstore to high end products so the price varies too.

Supercat – Soap & Glory

This product has been a constantly mentioned across beauty blogs and youtube beauty vloggers. I have always had trouble finding a nice eyeliner. My skin is quite greasy so not a lot of liners sit on my face nicely. I recently also bought the L’oreal Super Liner and while I think the product is really nice I just don’t like the application. I am really quite rubbish at drawing on eye liner and that’s where the supercat really comes into it’s own. It has a felt tip type brush on the end which makes it so easy to apply to your face. I’d say you’d have to go over it twice to really get the black colour but other than that it’s an absolutely fabulous product that really sits on your face nice.
Boots: £6.00

Super SHOCK – Avon

I had previously been using the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara and after a while I decided I really didn’t like it. I felt like it really made my lashes look heavy and glumpy so I switched to a product that I had had in my make up box since Christmas – the Super SHOCK by Avon is an absolutely fantastic product. The small brush allows even coverage of your eyes and it really makes mine look a lot fuller. I pleasantly surprised by this product because other mascara’s I’ve used from Avon never have impressed me that much but this one I’d recommend to anyone.
Avon: £8.50

Corrector – Bobbi Brown

I have been battling with my dark circles for a couple of years now. It seems my pale complexion just makes it just that little bit harder to cover them up. I tried a few products I was reasonable happy with throughout summer (Garnier Roll On Anti-Dark Circles) but my face tends to tan a little bit better so I knew as soon as autumn/winter rolled round I’d need something more. Long and behold I was recommended Bobbi Brown Corrector by MissFDMakeUp and it’s a really, really good coverage concealer. It hides my dark circles well and sits comfortably on face with or without foundation. I do recommend this if you’ve been battling with dark circles, it’s a bit pricey but it was worth it.
Debenhams: £19.00

Face Contour Kit – Sleek

And lastly, the contour kit. I had never really bothered with highlighter kits before but when I saw the price of this one I thought I’d give it a try. Firstly I’d like to say I love the packaging on this product. It’s smart and has good size mirror. The product itself smells nice and works really well. It definitely allows me to play with the features on my face and at the price is really good to buy as an experimenting product.
Boots: £6.49