What Happens in Sunny Beach?!

Hello everybody!
It’s been a while since I posted my last (sort of serious?!) blog and since then I have been away to Bulgaria – hoorah! It has been a long needed for me to go on holiday and so jetting off to the notorious Sunny Beach had me anxious and excited! Why you may ask?! Well one for the place had a bit of a reputation with British holiday makers, reps, drinking and sex games – urrr not my cup of tea at all! Not only that but rumours of the area being mafia ran and apparent prostitutes approaching you in the street can make you a little worried.

But let me just stop there because Sunny Beach turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have travelled, it was lively but not completely focused on clubbing, I have to say for what sort of expectations I went with I came back having no regrets going! And thus leads me on to the point of this blog which is of the beauty angle focus. We all know going abroad is probably one of the best things of summer but you’ve still got to remember to look after yourself! I took a variety of products with me – both necessary and luxurious – and I would like to share with you four stand out products that I found impressive.

Got2B – Texturizing Salt Spray

I bought this product a couple of months back and after only using it a few times I wasn’t really taken by it at all. I had wanted a product that would add a bit more volume to the natural waves in my hair and to help tame it but my first impressions weren’t great all. So when I was packing and sorting out my hair necessities I chucked this in my suitcase because I thought it may come in useful. My hair tends to act quite differently with the heat and it allows me to style my hair a lot easier so when I added a few sprays of this, particularly after having a dip in the sea, I saw the product really come to life. The product doesn’t particularly have a smell to it and if you spray too much it can leave your hair quite wet but I wouldn’t let that put you off. As a whole I really, really liked this product on holiday because it was easy to use and meant I didn’t have to spend hours getting my hair ready. I’m not sure how well it works with other types of hair but for mine – thick, wavy and long – it seemed to do an excellent job at giving my hair more volume and texture.
Boots Price: £4.07

Soap & Glory – Endless Glove

There is very few Soap & Glory products I dislike so when I spotted this mini hand cream in Boots I picked it straight up. I feel like you can never go wrong with a hand cream and since being abroad I felt like I would need something to ensure my hands – particularly my nail beds – stayed soft. This cream has a strong yet refreshing smell and as usual delivers in Soap & Glory fashion. It comes as a two in one – both a general hand cream and deep moisturising mask which you can leave overnight you wish. I only used it once a day and used a little amount but it was enough for me. Definitely rate this product and now due to the size I can pop it in my hand bag and use it as an every day hand cream.
Boots Price: £3.00

Batiste – Tropical

I started using dry shampoo just because of how long my hair is and how thick it is. It allows me to skip a day washing whilst leaving my hair looking refreshed. I wouldn’t ever recommend using it more than once in a row otherwise you can feel the build up on your scalp and I found that made my head really itchy. Batiste comes in a range of different smells, tropical definitely being my favourite. I decided to pick up a mini dry shampoo because I really like the way the product adds volume back into your hair. I think that’s a big plus for this product and why I will always keep a can in my beauty draws because it’s so good at putting life back into your hair. It also allowed me on holiday during the day to tie my hair up and not have to wash it to get volume back into it. Again it was a product that required minimal effort with my hair and left me able style my hair quickly and efficiently.
Boots Price: £2.50

Hollister – Addison Sunrise

This perfume is one I will forever love. It has that woody aroma of Hollister and reminds me automatically of summer. It was a no brainer to take it on holiday with me. The bottle unfortunately is quite small and while that is good for travelling it means you don’t get too much in the bottle when you purchase it. I’ve been quite careful with my usage but on holiday I used it almost every day and you can visibly see a huge decrease. I love, love this product but the value for money is not so good. I feel like while Hollister is an incredibly good brand of clothing and toiletries, they really do catch you out with their prices. Oh well, a girl can spoil herself once in a while, right?
Anyway, I felt like this was a holiday necessary but it has quite a strong scent and you don’t always want to constantly smell of suncream so I felt this compliment my suncream smell (Nivea) and kept me smelling fresh!
Hollister Price: £28.00 (for 30ml)

So these were my stand out/most useful products of my holiday. I have to say I have some holiday blues now and I will be attempting to write up a blog of the daily adventure we went on along with some pictures. I just wanted to write up my beauty products first because I’ve been dying to share them with someone!

Media Pressure

I am not going to lie, I am a newbie to make-up. I never started to wear make up until I was nineteen. Yep, I was late to that party. I had worn it on the occasion of going out clubbing, but even then I was just finding my girlie inner self. I have always been a tomboy, through and through. There’s elements to me now that I’d still say makes a tomboy but I guess I’ve matured into looking after my skin, wearing make up to make myself feel pretty and to actual consider what I wear. And yet recently I’ve seen so much bashing about girls that wear make-up.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as wearing too much but that’s part of the learning process as a girl. I’m sure in a couple of years time I’ll look back and think what on Earth made me wear that or style my eyeliner like that? But for guys (and girls) to say online that girls don’t show their “true self” because they wear make-up is ridiculous. I can assure you about 90% girls wear make-up for themselves, for their confidence and to make themselves feel better. Make-up is fun, it’s creative, it’s no different to anyone styling and dying their hair or wearing the latest style of clothes. So why is there so much negativity and pressure around girls and make-up?

I’ve seen it on Facebook, I’ve seen it in articles like this and this. It’s media manipulating and pressuring girls to second guess themselves. I’ve done a bit of research myself and it always seems to narrow down to “men should like you anyway”. Guess what?! They do! I always believe appearance will always be involved in attraction, it’s the same when you look at a guy and he has nice shoes. It’s all part of a first impression and a way of figuring out each other. But a true attraction and a true relationship is much deeper than that. For a relationship to work you have to be completely comfortable with each other, it’s personalities that it boils down to at the end of the day. So girls, stop listening to what everybody else says. If you like to wear make-up, then wear your make-up!

It saddens me how negative and angry the internet can be, yet you see so much joy from it as well. I’ve met some people I still speak with on the internet but I’ve also been witness to a lot of hate. It bothers me that people can’t just accept someone’s opinion or just accept the way someone is. We all judge but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can exploit the freedom of speech. It’s ignorant to believe that the hate will go away because it’s a part of a society that we have all created and that makes me sad. My only advice is to – as hard as it is – just live your life as you please. Wear make-up. Don’t wear make-up. It’s honestly your choice!

I hate to do such a serious blog post but it’s something that bothers me a lot. I feel like the world focuses on a lot of negatives, particularly in the press and then we forget to appreciate all the little parts of our lives.

I figured to end this blog, I will show my transformation from tomboy girl into a slighter more girlie self. The reason I wear make-up? I suffer from terrible dark circles and I’m conscious about them so a bit of masking makes me feel all that better. (: